30+ Items to Barter With Post Collapse

Here’s an excellent video made by Tara Dodrill where showing us the top 30 items to stockpile for bartering purposes:

Survival Kitchen Items

What will you do if you happen to be the unlucky one who gets trapped or attacked far from home such as in a hotel room, or even in your own kitchen?

Survival Matches

When you look at the list of the bare minimums required for life, you see air, water, food and shelter.

Practical Bug Out Reloading

Many people, when first joining the preparedness community initially focus on guns and ammo.

Surge Protector For High Value

Preparedness / Protection for your electronic equipment with a quality surge protector is a form of ‘modern survival’.

Preps for Late Night Emergencies

When the time comes to tuck tail and turn in for the night, most of us instinctively understand that we, as humans, are more vulnerable. Beyond the veil of sleep, our senses are eliminated or greatly reduced.

Preparing a Bug out Bag

There are plenty of reasons why you need a bug out bag (BOB).

Emergency Candles You Should Try

Stockpiling candles in preparation for a SHTF disaster can be easier and cheaper than you may think.

Top 10 Biggest Prepper Debates

No matter how long you’ve been prepping you’ve no doubt run across some prepping concepts and advice that you disagree with.

Painting Firearms

With the rise of social media, it is impossible to log-in to any page related to guns and not see a tricked-out pistol, shotgun or rifle complete with an incredibly intricate brand name (or custom) camo pattern.