The Best Places to Keep Your Guns and Gun Safes

For gun owners, secure storage of your firearms is both essential for asset protection and is also an ethical consideration.

Harnessing the Sun on Your Survival Homestead

For most of us, the sun is something we take for granted and don’t spend too much time thinking about, it’s just always been there. But the power of the sun is a resource you need to know about.

What to Do If You Lose Your Bug Out Bag

Ask any prepper what they consider to be their foundational piece of kit and they’ll almost always say their BOB or Go-Bag.

Situations A Bug Out Bag Can Save Your Life

If you do not know what bug out bags are, let’s give you a really quick tutorial.

Which SHTF Are More Important?

There are so many different reasons that people prep.

Disasters and Emergencies Most Likely to Occur

Whenever you think about prepping it is easy to think about the major SHTF disasters that everyone talks about often, such as nuclear strikes, major floods, EMPs and what have you.

Things You Can Cook in Aluminum Foil on Coals

When the power goes out, whether short-term or for an indefinite amount of time, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is how to cook without using your stove.

Guide to Selecting AR-15 Magazines

The AR-15 family of rifles is one of the most prolific and effective in the world.

Survival Tools

Flint knapping rocks is the oldest, most primal way of making tools.

Ways to Prevent Bug Bites

One of the best places to spend time is in the wild outdoors.