18 Things to Stockpile for the next Wildfire

Wildfires threatened the lives of people near wildland areas, as well as their property. 

Con Artists and Scams When SHTF

The Wild West was a playground for con artists and scammers.

How to Hide from the Government

Right now you’re rolling your eyes and expecting us to pull the tin foil hats out.

AK-47 – The Single Most Important Gun to Own

In the prepping community, there is a lot of debate as to which gun is the most important in your arsenal.

What To Do When You’re Being Followed

Being followed is a common occurrence. Studies show that 75% of women are trailed in their lifetimes.

Can You Operate a Ham Radio Without a License?

Alot of people shy away from HAM radio because of the license.

Defending Your Young

It’s Primal Mothers are never more fierce than when protecting their young. This primal instinct is in all living creatures. The violent fight to the death response is fully acceptable and is the expected response in the animal kingdom when a mother’s young are threatened. In the wild, predators lurk and stalk, waiting to find […]

Your Basic Home Security Preps

After we had the basic amount of “stuff” put up we turned our attention towards fortifying our home and improving the defense of ourselves.

What to Do During a Home Invasion

Home invasion happens. While there are geographical areas more prone to home invasion than others due to socioeconomic and other circumstances, no household is immune.

7 Steps to Increase Privacy When Using the Internet

Software manufacturers, utility companies, hotels, law enforcement, banks, government agencies and criminals all stand to gain from you surrendering your privacy. They are all selling the lie that you must be a drug dealer or a terrorist if you prefer to communicate anonymously. It’s brainwashing. Don’t be a sheeple. Good guys value privacy too.