What SPAM Is Made Of

Have you ever wondered what SPAM is made of? I know I have…

Guide to Selecting AR-15 Magazines

The AR-15 family of rifles is one of the most prolific and effective in the world.

Survival Uses for Water

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the estimated amount of water used by an American family is over 300 gallons per day.

Survival Tools

Flint knapping rocks is the oldest, most primal way of making tools.

Ways to Prevent Bug Bites

One of the best places to spend time is in the wild outdoors.

How to Survive a Flash Flood

Flash flooding is one of the most dangerous natural disasters you can find yourself in the midst of, because they are generally without warning and they happen, literally, in a flash.

How to Set up an Apothecary Patch

This week on our homesteading survival retreat was spent with my husband and son-in-law running heavy equipment to improve our ½-mile uphill into the middle of the woods driveway after a winter and spring of historic rains.

Survival. Go It Alone or In a Group?

Acommon, fun theoretical question that you’ll hear pop up among preppers, shooters, outdoorsmen, and other red-blood types is, “who do you want with you after, or during the apocalypse?”

10 Ways to Use Cardboard for Survival

When you find yourself in a survival situation, you need to have the knowledge to make use of what you can find. In the woods or a more rural environment, the resources available to you may be different than the ones you’ll find in a more urban environment.

How to Stay Dry When Hiking or Bugging Out

Most people I know prefer to hike on days when the weather is clear and calm, and I have to admit when I think of bugging out,