Wal-Mart Shoppers Shout “Racism” Over Unusual Clothing Display

Without a doubt, we face some very real threats today in the United States. Thugs and drug gangs with guns have no regard for the law. Illegal criminal immigrants threaten our way of life. Now, for some, even clothing displays can cause serious harm.

Home Alone: Two Black Thugs Never Expected This From 13-Year Old

  Here’s why the Second Amendment is so important. It’s also the reason why responsible gun owners teach their young kids how to handle guns.

Brutal Police Tactic Now Targets Innocent Victims in This City – and the Courts Don’t Care

What if the police seized your cash? What if they took your car? Or, what if they kicked you out of your home? Civil asset forfeiture is now more than a tool for police to nab drug dealers and money laundry operations. Now it’s used to hassle and grab cash and assets to pad police […]

America’s Biggest and Deadliest Lie Exposed

Gun violence is one of the most heated issues in America today. Police shootings, especially when there is an “innocent” person involved is guaranteed to hit the headlines. But what do the stats about gun violence reveal about what’s really happening?

Oil Changes a Thing of the Past?

Maybe bugging out with your truck is about to become a whole lot easier. Imagine a 90 second oil change…

Liberals Hate This Anti-Gun Crime Proposal

Liberals LOVE gun control. But they HATE common sense solutions to ending gun violence. There is a common sense solution to ending gun violence.

Black Man’s Account of Traffic Stop Goes Viral – The Shocking Reason Why Over 135,000 People Shared It on Facebook

We’ve heard all the stories of traffic stops going horribly bad. And the traffic stops involving a Black driver and White cop that go wrong instantly hit the headlines.

Obama Puts a Rosy Spin on All the Very Bad Things Happening Here

No it’s not Iraq. It isn’t Libya, Syria, or Iran. It’s not China or Russia. (Even though some nasty things are taking place in all of these countries)

Wall Street Hates this 408(m)(3) ‘Cheat Code’ – You Won’t Believe What It Lets You Do

This Little-Known IRS “Cheat Code” Unlocks Investments You’ll Never Find on Wall Street… The IRS would like you to think that the ONLY way to save for retirement is by putting money into the stock market. You get an IRA or 401(k) and then you load up on stocks and bonds, right? You feed the […]

Trump Just Shared These 11 Surprising Words for the USD and Gold

Donald Trump Warns “Dollar is Going Down”… Proves It’s No Joke by Rejecting Dollars for Gold… Here’s Why… I don’t know how you feel about Donald Trump. But when it comes to business and the economy, few know it better. So why did Trump accept three 32-oz gold bars as payment on office space he […]