“I’m just a regular dad,” says Joe Jacobs, “who can’t ignore the fact that a disaster is bound to happen.

“It could be a natural disaster. It could be economical collapse. It could be war. Doesn’t matter. You have three choices: You don’t think about it. You get scared. Or you get prepared.”

Born in Florida, Joe Jacobs now lives on the outskirts of Denver with his wife and three children. “A single man can probably fend for himself if all hell breaks loose,” says Joe. “But that’s not a responsible mindset when you have children to take care of.”

The Fragility of The American Dream

Three years ago The Survival Daily was just an average Joe unaware of the fragility of modern society. “I was like most Americans. I was focused on making more money, paying the bills, and trying to keep up with the Joneses.”

What changed his perspective? “I started studying economics. You don’t need a degree to figure out that America is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

But The Survival Daily says that it would be merciful if the country only went bankrupt. “Instead, the government keeps on printing money to keep up our phony standard of living,” he explains. “We’re going the way of post World War I Germany, Argentina and Zimbabwe. Our currency is dropping rapidly compared to gold (or even the Canadian dollar).”

“It Really Should Just Be Common Sense”

Even if the economy doesn’t crumble, Joe says there are many other disaster situations that could arise. War. Epidemics. Solar flares knocking out the electrical gird. Earthquakes. Asteroids. Collapse of the food system.

“Every family needs to have provisions on hand. It really is common sense. And we need to know how to survive without all our gadgets and infrastructure.”

From “Average Joe” to “The Survival Daily”

“I started slow,” he says. “If there was a nuclear war – even as far away as the Middle East – I needed something to protect my family from radioactive fallout. So we loaded up on potassium iodate, an affordable and effective thyroid blocker.”

Foreseeing the collapse of the housing market, Joe sold his suburban home in 2007 and started renting for the first time.

“Still, living in the suburbia of a major city,” Joe admits, “is like painting a target on your front door. Densely populated cities can become death zones if people start running out of food, or if the government declares martial law and sends the military into major cities. We’re hoping to get some land in 2011.”

Right now they are stocking up on food and seeds, growing their own garden, paying off debt and investing in tangible assets. “We’re learning survival skills that our great grandparents grew up with.”

The Survival Daily Doesn’t Own a Gun

While most survivalists stock up on firearms, Joe does differently: “If a mob or the military come knocking on my door, I can’t see a gun stopping them. It may help against petty thieves, but I think there are other more compassionate ways to deal with them.”

Joe’s a Christian and says, “I just don’t think Jesus wants me carrying a gun. But if you think differently you’ll receive no criticism from me. In fact, I think we’d all be a lot better off if everybody had a concealed carry.”

Escaping the Corporate Cubicle

Five years ago, Joe quit his job to become a financial planner. But his plans fell apart. So instead of job hunting, he started his own freelance ad writing business from a spare bedroom in his basement.

“I used to work mainly for American businesses,” he says. “As the economy has declined, my client base has naturally expanded to Canada and Australia. I’d encourage everyone to learn how to make money online selling services or products internationally.”

Climbing Colorado’s 14,000 Foot Peaks

Despite his sedentary career, Joe spends his free time hiking and cycling in the Colorado mountains.

He’s climbed Missouri Mountain (14,067 ft), Huron Peak (14,003 ft), Quandary Peak (14,271 ft), Mount Princeton (14,197 ft), Mount Columbia (14,077 ft), Mount Harvard (snowed off at 12,500 ft), Castle Peak (14,279 ft), Tabeguache Peak (14,155 ft), Mount Belford (14,197), and Mount Oxford (14,153 ft).

In addition, Joe has cycled in multiple centuries, including the famous Triple Bypass ride that begins in Evergreen and ends in Avon – 120 miles and more than 10,000 vertical feet in a single day.

Can You Call Him a “Conspiracy Theorist”
When It’s All True?

The Survival Daily believes that key players in the U.S. government are corrupt beyond hope.

“I think members of the government not only allowed the 911 attacks to take place,” says Joe, “but assisted in making the 911 attacks a reality. It was an excuse to go to war with a third world country. Anybody who disagrees with me has probably not reviewed the mountain of evidence suggesting 911 was an inside job.”

Call him a conspiracy theorist if you like, but Joe says: “We’ve been lied to over and over again by our world leaders. The use of propaganda is not limited to Communist China. Our politicians promise one thing, do another, and then get the media to cover it all up.

“They pretend to care about the environment, but focus on reducing carbon dioxide (a relatively harmless byproduct of nature) while subsidizing industries that release toxic chemicals into our land, air, food and water.

“They promise to balance the budget while expanding our obligations. They promise our elderly social security when they can’t even pay off the interest on their own debt.”

A Time of Spiritual Reckoning

Joe believes much of the world’s troubles were predicted in the Bible and that a time of reckoning and spiritual renewal is approaching.

“Things will probably get worse before they get better,” says Joe. “I suspect people are going to be faced with a simple decision in the coming years: Whether to live under a dictatorial government ruled by an international elite… or off the land in small independent communities that trust in God.”

Helping Other Average Joes
Prepare Their Families for the Worst

To this end, The Survival Daily created TheSurvivalDaily.com to share his experiences as he prepares his family for the worst.

“I hope that my website awakens many and helps those already preparing,” says Joe. “And not just to prepare physically. We need to get mentally and spiritually prepared for the possibility that life as we know it may change dramatically sometime in the next 2-5 years.”