Collect Valuable Survival Intel with these Tools and Techniques

You can tell a lot about a man by his survival goals. There are lines in emergency preparedness and sometimes you see the tactical bleed in as well. There is great value in studying military operations and understanding how you can be effective using their techniques.

Strangely enough I am often witnessing preppers studying how to breach a room or conduct a firefight from a parked vehicle. I often wonder how these skills overshadowed other, more important, techniques.

When I think of what can be gleaned from the tactical world the first things that come to mind are the quietest. Reconnaissance and Intelligence. I understand neither are as impressive as running and gunning, but they will be much more valuable in a true survival situation.

The very best way to win a gunfight is to avoid it!

I want to touch on tools and techniques that can be used to gather valuable survival intelligence. I want you to see threats before they arrive and have the ability to make smart and informed decisions. Your family is not an army of warfighters. You are survivors and you should use your survival intel to avoid interaction and danger at all costs.


The hardware needed for collecting this valuable survival intel comes in many forms. You may be surprised to see some of the items we will talk about in this article. Each will pull intel from a specific area. It’s important that your intelligence plan can pull info from local and national sources.

Emergency Radio

One of the most telltale signs of a disaster is the power outage. Whether we are talking about something monumental and life threatening or a simple thunderstorm, everything changes when the lights go out. Your news source is gone, once your cell battery runs out, and your access to information becomes incredibly limited.

This one-way method of receiving information is so crucial. Get yourself a quality hand crank radio or a solar radio. Battery powered is not a bad idea either. I am making efforts to get away from all batteries that aren’t rechargeable. This is a preparedness goal of mine.

The emergency radio will give you a great base knowledge of what has happened and what is the extent of the damage. This can be a major help in your next steps.

Ham Radio

Don’t get all crazy about licensing. People see ham radio and they start losing their minds about licensing. If you have a desire to get your license and start broadcasting that is completely fine. Let me give you two pieces of advice.

  1. You don’t need a license to broadcast in a disaster
  2. You can listen to all the channels for free

Having a portable ham radio gives you the option to gather that important intel. If you find yourself in a situation where you need help you can get on that thing and broadcast away in times of disaster.

No matter which route you go having one of these great radios is very important. Here is a quick list of emergency and prepper channels.

Police Scanner

Now we will focus the lens a little more on local intel. Having access to a police scanner can give you a sitrep on what is happening with local emergency services. Many disaster scenarios promise a moment when the local law enforcement will disband. That could happen. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly when that happens?

Using a police scanner will also give you ears on the levels of crime, fire and other situations. Once these services are overwhelmed it is time to change your mindset. You are alone, and you are your last line of defense.

Start fooling around with a police scanner today. Don’t wait until the lights go out to search for the right channels and learn how to use the thing!


Now, if you really want to know what’s happening around you in a disaster, I mean right around you, invest in a drone. A good drone that has some weight to it and a quality 4k camera. You will be able to get a picture of your immediate area, streets, roads, violence, damage and much more while never having to step foot into those areas.

Reporters have to see a problem before they can report it to you. With a drone you become the reporter. This is a great way to make sure your bugout route is not compromised before you even get out of the neighborhood. No point in loading up the car if you a piece of road washed away.

Drones are also a fantastic addition to foot travel as well. You can look ahead or behind you if you suspect violence or another group tailing yours.



We talked about tactical skills and the types of opportunities therein. We also discussed crazy tactical skills that preppers and survivalists are training on for no good reason! Recon is one such skill for the prepper who wants to play army man. Recon skills are incredibly important in times of disaster.

Like any other skill you must understand and practice. Now, if you are a hunter you are probably doing some very basic recon work each year in the woods. You call it scouting.

Here is a recon and security field guide pdf. It’s a big boy and it’s a little dated (2001) but the theory and the skills are there.


The most underutilized and most valuable resource in all of preparedness is your community. We have become the isolated apes. This isolation is having serious effects on the people around us and society on a whole.

Do you know who lives in your community? If you are around first responders, you will find out all sorts of information from the. Maybe you have elected officials in your community. They could be another wealth of information.

The intelligence that you glean from your community is priceless. Get to know your neighbors today!

Get Intelligent Today

Don’t waste any more time. You have the answers right in front of you. Having access to this valuable survival intelligence will give you strength beyond strength. It will bolster all your other preparedness plans.

The bugout gets better, the bug in gets better as well. Your overall response to disaster will be greatly improved using powerful intelligence gathering methods.