The Dos and Don’ts of Grey Water

Recycling water is just as possible as recycling plastic bottles. You might not realize that some of the water you use on a regular basis is considered grey water. There are ways you can safely reuse grey water, especially in a survival scenario or once an SHTF situation calms down.

You might not even be in an SHTF scenario to want to consider using grey water. Our climate is continually changing. California faced a major drought not too long ago, and it was crucial for citizens to be conservative with their water. We have no idea where or when the next drought might hit.

Water is essential for life. Without a doubt, it is the most fundamental and valuable natural resource available to all living things, humans included. However, fresh water isn’t an infinite resource. For example, a huge portion of the Earth is covered in salt water, which is unsafe for us to consume for hydration. Only a portion of the water throughout the world is potable. In fact, only 2% of the water supply is fresh water!

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