What Geraldo Rivera Says about the 2nd Amendment on Fox News Is an Embarrassment to Conservatives Everywhere

geraldoThe latest mass shooting in San Bernardino sure is bringing out the crazy talk about guns.

Brain dead news talking heads take to social media to spew their opinions and advance their agendas.

Even a few wayward Fox News broadcasters show the stupid about gun control whenever a mass shooting takes place.Here’s the Fox News token Latino Liberal, Geraldo Rivera’s Tweet:

Following the news of the heinous attack on Inland Regional Services complex in San Bernardino, California, Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera tweeted that the “2nd Amendment is stupid” and asked Americans not to “rationalize” otherwise.

His exact tweet: “Mass shooting in San Bernadino California at a Center for the Developmentally Disabled WTF! The 2d Amendment is Stupid!!! Don’t rationalize.”

It is interesting to note that Rivera was criticizing the 2nd Amendment as “stupid” long before the attack in San Bernardino took place. For example, after a firearms instructor was killed in an Arizona gun range accident involving a 9-year-old tourist on August 28, 2014, Rivera responded by describing the 2nd Amendment as “blind and stupid.”

Describing the Second Amendment as “blind and stupid” reveals how “blind and stupid” Geraldo is.

He’s blind to history of what happens when countries disarm the citizens. He’s blind to the the overreach and force government at all levels in the United States- Federal, State, and Local- practice daily today.

Isn’t it pretty stupid to think that the government will keep you completely safe from mass shootings when only they and criminals have all the guns?