Why “Crazy” Preppers Might Not Be So Crazy

survivalIn light of the recent Paris terrorism attacks, and the relentless media coverage of this incident, maybe, just maybe, “preppers” are so crazy after all.

One thing is clear.

The days of Mayberry are over.

Maybe getting started as a “prepper” isn’t such a dumb idea.

In fact, in today’s times, it might save you and your families’ lives.

Here’s where and why to get started:

You see it all over the mainstream media as well as our favored alternative media websites, things are changing rapidly, and not for the better. You can feel it in your gut, things are going to go from bad to worse, and seem to be happening at alarmingly faster pace. With all of the horrific things that are happening in our once great country, now is the time to prepare for the bad times that are inevitably coming. But where do you begin? What can you do? The first thing is to start by making a list. Make a list of everything you want to do to prepare, and keep this list visible so you are always forcing yourself to look at it so you can be doing something to get prepared.

Without a doubt, things are changing.

Don’t expect a TV talking head to tell you what you need to do.

Be smart.

Get prepped.