Get Ready for Forced Home Inspections – Courtesy of Obamacare

One of the little-known provisions in the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) gives the government pretext to carry out forced home inspections. The provision allows the federal government to forcibly invade your home if they feel you are a “high risk family” that isn’t taking adequate care of your children. So what does a high […]

See What this State Just Bought to “Police” Its Citizens

Residents in Indiana can expect to see military grade helicopters keeping tabs on them from up high in the sky. That’s because Indiana has just purchased two UH-72 Lakota helicopters, which will be used for domestic police use, search and rescue, as well as for “homeland security.” The Lakota is one of the world’s most […]

Man Reacts to Surveillance State in Totally Unexpected Way

When you think about the BLM’s actions at Bundy Ranch, the DHS targeting of preppers, or the IRS suppression of conservative groups, I’m sure a few choice words come to mind. Words like… “Ah, hell no!” “What the **** do they think they’re doing???” “It’s time to vote these idiots out of office!!!” But I’d […]

American Airlines Targets 14-Year-Old Girl as “Potential Terrorist”

In this day of hyper-public electronic communication, it’s surprising what people will put on display for the world to see. Even though people know sophisticated software tracks their every move online, that didn’t stop a young girl from the Netherlands from sending American Airlines a threatening tweet on Sunday. A young girl by the name […]

NSA Official: “We Are Now a Police State”

As it so often happens, yesterday’s “conspiracy theories” become today’s new realities and (eventually) tomorrow’s common knowledge. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than the recent admissions by Bill Binney, a 32-year veteran of the NSA who helped create the programs that now harvest metadata from Americans’ phone calls, emails, and online social activity.

The Video that Ruined Obama’s Christmas

The problems that continue to plague Obama’s presidency never seem to fully go away. Each problem settles down for a little while, only to resurface weeks or months later like a persistent skin disease. A dip in the pool of Bethesda might put his problems to rest, but to my knowledge he has not done […]