Mount Harvard, Colorado

3 Survival Lessons I Learned from My Failed Attempts to Climb Mount Harvard

Here in Colorado we have a range of mountains called the Collegiate Peaks. This is because a few of the peaks in the range are named after famous universities. I’ve climbed Princeton, Columbia, Oxford, Belford, and Huron. But I’ve never managed to reach the summit of Harvard even though I’ve tried twice. The second time […]

2 Items to Survive a Cold Night at Home

We finally got our first real snowfall here in Colorado. Only a couple inches. But the weather system brought bitter cold temperatures with it. We were down in the teens for most of yesterday and hit single digits last night. Although Coloradans have been running the heat for a couple months now, the last 48 […]

Think Twice Before Putting Your Faith in FEMA

Last September, the Denver metro area was hammered with record amounts of rainfall that led to some of the worst flooding the state had ever seen. Recovery and rebuilding efforts are ongoing. It is times like these you find out who was prepared and who was not. You also discover whose beliefs served them well […]

New to Prepping? Get These 3 Items First…

I was recently asked, “What are the 3 most important items for a new prepper to get started with?” This is a difficult question to answer without knowing any details about the person to whom I’m giving advice. For example, what I recommend to a single person living in an apartment in the city would […]

When the SHTF, Should You Stay Put or Leave?

Today, a question from a reader: “Thank you for your articles and website. They have been real helpful to my family and I. My husband and I have just started stocking up on supplies because of what is currently happening in our country. “The question I have for you is this, my husband and I […]

The River of Doubt: A Real-Life Tale of Survival

Today, I finished reading The River of Doubt by Candice Millard. It is a detailed and thrilling account of Theodore Roosevelt’s journey down the River of Doubt in the Amazon jungle in 1914. Not only a fascinating bit of history, this is an heroic tale of suffering and survival in one of the most dangerous […]

Concrete Canvas Emergency Shelters

This U.K. company manufacturers concrete canvas shelters for emergency survival situations, including natural disasters and other situations. The structures are made with concrete cloth. They can be erected in 24 hours and last up to 10 years. Since they are made of concrete, they are quite durable and may even protect against radiation. Check out […]

Apartment Survival Plan: 7 Ways to Prepare for Doomsday in a 1-Bedroom Apartment

If you live in a small apartment and have wondered what kind of survival plan you should have in place, then you’ll definitely want to read today’s post. Pepper D. from Washington writes in with the following question: Yes, being prepared is very important, but one cannot live in a 1-bedroom apartment surrounded by stored […]

The 4 Essentials: Getting Back to the Basics of Living

The basics of living include food, water, clothing, and shelter. These are the physical essentials. They do not include intangibles like relationships or spirituality. Let’s start with water. Where is the closest natural source of water to you? How far away is it? Do you have the right purification tools for cleaning the water and […]