The Man Who Survived On A Deserted Island for 52 Months

The sun shone bright overhead when Captain Woodes Rogers of the ship “Duke” stepped ashore of the jagged and timbered island in 1709. Tall peaks jutted skyward as if the Great Pyramids of Giza lay beneath a cloak of green. A soft breeze offered limited relief from the incessant heat of the tropics. Woodes and […]

Nuclear War Is on the Horizon: “This Is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”

As the U.S. elections draw nearer, the amount of bellicose rhetoric from politicians and key military commanders (in truth, “politicians” as well) has been increasing.  The main focus of that rhetoric has been directed toward Russia, and is also “blathered” in the direction of China, North Korea, and Iran when it suits U.S. political interests.  […]

The Underground, Hidden House That Cost Only $100 to Build

Part hobo, part hobbit and part trendsetter, Dan Price was living the tiny house lifestyle long before the tiny house movement gained momentum. A professional news photographer for 10 years, Price says he began his search for a simple lifestyle back in 1990. He found what he was looking for when he discovered a two-acre […]

A Home That Looks Like A Shipping Container?

Over the last couple of years shipping container homes have been growing in popularity; green and alternative builders from around the world have latched onto these unique containers as an easy way to build quick and somewhat custom homes. They’re often sliced, diced, stacked and sometimes converted into off-the-grid architectural masterpieces that make you forget […]

Our Disaster Recovery Plan Needs To Be Restored, And Here Is How To Do It

Six months after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, my then girlfriend (now wife), Liz, and I first arrived in St. Bernard Parish as volunteers. There we met a World War II veteran named Mr. Andre who like many of his generation had been proud and independent his whole life, never needing assistance and certainly never […]

Tracker-Approved Skills Needed To Survive In The Wild

Have you seen “The Hunted”  with Tommy Lee Jones? Fugitive tracking that leads LEOs through the thicket of the woods may be rare, but having the skills necessary to outwit other survivalists is a pretty cool badge to earn. Some extreme survivalists consider the techniques an adventure and have taken up the skillset as a […]

Essentials For Surviving The Wild

For some people, nothing beats a weekend in the woods. Getting off the grid for a couple days can be a great thing to do every now and then in this technology-obsessed world. Of course, taking off into the wilderness for any amount of time is not something to do without taking the proper steps […]

The Top 10 Must Have Survival Skills

Disasters and emergency situations are an inevitable part of our life. It is how we respond to such situations that plays a major factor on our survival. You may have all the knowledge about prepping but as we all know a disaster can change everything in an instant and you may be forced to survive […]

Heating Bills about to Skyrocket as Shale Boom Goes Bust

Just like the housing collapse, the gas shale boom appears to be built on a bubble about to burst. That’s because it costs about $1.50 to make back $1 in profit. It’s simple math. You can’t spend more on production than you make in sales… or you’ll go bankrupt. And because new well output can […]

How to Build a Cozy Log Cabin for Less than $500 (VIDEO)

A log cabin used to be the home of choice for most Americans, especially during the westward expansion of the 1800s. The classic Little House books describe how “Pa” built multiple cabins with nothing more than the materials he found in nature and the help from a neighbor or two. In fact, he built log […]