Waterproof Your Basement or Root Cellar

When it comes to having a home with a basement or a root cellar, you then have untapped space that can be used in order to store your growing stockpile.

How to Stay Warm in the Wilderness

No matter if you are lost, camping, trekking, bugging in, bugging outor just trying to survive, a top priority is to stay warm.

11 Places to Avoid Going When SHTF

When it comes to being prepared for a SHTF event, preppers are focused on threats from natural disasters to nuclear wars, EMPs, and devastating cosmic events.

The 5 Day Challenge for Advanced Preppers

Prepping is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

21 Things For Pandemic Survival

A pandemic may incapacitate (and/or terminate) a significant portion of the population.

How to Tie Basic Knots and How to Build a Backpacker Stove

Every once in awhile I stumble onto some great information that is perfectly formatted into the simplest printable form.

Your Basic Home Security Preps

After we had the basic amount of “stuff” put up we turned our attention towards fortifying our home and improving the defense of ourselves.

Survival Tarp Shelters

When it comes to surviving a prolonged wilderness related disaster, one of your primary concerns is going to be finding or building a shelter.

How to Control Rodents as Disease Vectors

In survival settings, it’s been said that rats will do a better job of surviving than humans. Rats, mice, and other rodents are well-known causes of “zoonotic” infections.  A zoonotic disease is one that can be transmitted from animals to humans.  The animal in question may not have symptoms of the disease itself, but may […]

The nuclear bunkers designed for luxury living

Larry Hall leads the way out of the elevator and into an apartment, one of several in a new development that he has recently built. The space is elegantly furnished. Mr Hall says the standard of the finishes and attention to detail has met with an enthusiastic response from his customers.