In a rare move, Trump speaks to the press on his plane

Granting unprecedented access, Donald Trump spoke to the press on his plane earlier this afternoon, answering questions about the legal status for undocumented immigrants. NBC’s Katy Tur breaks down the latest rhetoric coming from the Republican nominee.

FBI: Clinton staff destroyed devices with hammers

CNN’s Evan Perez confirms Trump campaign senior adviser Boris Epshteyn’s claim that Hillary Clinton staffers destroyed her previous mobile devices using hammers.

Three ‘Twentysomething’ Millennials Ran for Congress in 2016. They All Lost.

One constant has remained true in the 2016 primaries: twentysomething millennials can’t crack through at the ballot box. Erin Schrode captivated national press this spring when she challenged Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) in the Democratic primary for the Golden state’s 2nd district. At 25 years old, Schrode relied heavily on an online earned media presence.   Read More […]

Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker to Follow Kaepernick’s Lead, Sit National Anthem

I wouldn’t have figured the term ‘trendsetter’ would accompany Colin Kaepernick’s name, but I have been wrong once before. Looks like Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres plans to not stand during the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” during an upcoming game. Happy, Colin? I think I know the answer.   Read More   […]

On Syria, Democrats look to deflect the conversation

WASHINGTON (AP) — In his speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump made six references to the conflict in Syria, pointing to the war-ravaged nation as a source of much of the world’s turmoil, particularly immigration and extremism. A week later at the Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton made not one reference to Syria. The […]

Trump resurrects 2008 primary to brand Clinton as racist

Hillary Clinton’s eight-year-old comments during a raw and contentious primary with Barack Obama are providing even more fodder for Donald Trump and his campaign, doubling down on charges of racism and bigotry against the Democratic nominee that Trump has leveled this week on the trail. A video posted to the campaign’s Instagram account early Friday […]

Why He’s No Longer Covering Milwaukee Riots

He’s getting out… Check out the comments on Facebook. Lots of people calling him a coward. Others are saying he’s really not a journalist. Maybe before you judge his reasons for leaving, you should listen to his video explanation. There’s no doubt tensions are high and if he feels it’s too dangerous who can blame […]

What If The Milwaukee Police Left Now?

In the second night of protests and riots in Milwaukee after the police fatal shooting of a young Black man, things are getting more tense. Shots are ringing out. Innocent people are getting caught in the cross fire. Here’s a video capture and comments on Facebook. This YouTube video also captures the tension in Milwaukee: […]

George Clooney Vows Trump Will Not Be Elected President – Trump Responds in Four Perfect Words

George Clooney takes the prize. Clooney is now the most arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical Hollywood liberal. Check out Clooney’s recent vow that Trump will not be President of the United States. He appears that he can’t be bothered and stumbles to even read the prepared lines. Not a very convincing acting job Clooney: George Clooney recently […]

Trump’s Message Attacked by Conservative Writer Who Makes Stupidest Argument Ever

Now this is an interesting take on Trump’s message. Especially coming from a conservative outlet like the National Review. The white working class deserves to die out? Wow, really? It’s “immoral” for Trump to ask for blue-collar, hard working salt of the earth white people to support him, because, well, basically these people deserve what […]