Bad News – See Who’s Leaving If Hillary Wins

Every election cycle we hear people on the left and the right declare their intent to leave the nation if the candidate of their choice doesn’t win. That means if Trump wins there are going to be a ton of mindless liberals packing their bags and taking their stupid opinions abroad. And if Hillary wins […]

Student Receives Disturbing Punishment For Pro-Gun Project

Not that you are inclined to think otherwise…but anyone who believes our nation’s schools are a place where students can learn how to think for themselves has got another think coming. Take the following story. When a teenager was asked to do a project defending his pro-second amendment stance he was suspended by the school, […]

Something Hillary Loves Is Shrinking

For a long time Hillary’s been used to seeing this and it’s usually quite big. But the last time she checked on it…it was a lot smaller than she was used to… And that’s got her plenty upset. The number in question is the lead she’s enjoyed over Donald Trump. Where numerous polls conducted over […]

Guess How Many American Terror Attacks Go Unreported

If you didn’t trust the mainstream media before then this is really going to shock you. Every single year the American people are subjected to an ever-increasing number of terror attacks. Since 2001 and the attacks on the WTC the frequency of terror attacks is going up…not down…despite the number of laws and government acts […]

Hillary Did WHAT To The Debate Stage?

  While everyone tuned into the debates on Monday night to see Mrs. Clinton battle out with Donald Trump something was done to the debate stage to giver her an edge over her opponent. It’s obvious if Mrs. Clinton did this before the debate she’s not all that confident about the chances of her victory […]

Russian Toddler Rescued After Days in Siberian Wilderness

MOSCOW — A 3-year-old boy has been hailed as a real-life “Mowgli” after surviving three days lost in the Siberian wilderness with just a piece of chocolate and canine companions.

What Trump’s parental leave policy is missing

(CNN)Donald Trump’s announcement of a paid maternity leave policy this week–and Ivanka Trump’s refusal to go into details in an interview with Cosmopolitan yesterday — brought the issue into the national political spotlight. It also marks the first time a Republican presidential nominee has addressed the growing public demand for paid family leave policy–even as […]

Trump’s Comments On Christians Draw Outrage

If Donald Trump wasn’t so interested in speaking the truth all the time he’d probably have a lot more friends now than he currently does. The good news is Trump isn’t afraid of telling it how it is…even if that means that people hate him for it. His recent comments about the media slandering people […]

Video – Green Eggs Hatch From Hillary’s Mouth?

Looks, there are conspiracies and then there are facts. No one can deny that Hillary Clinton’s health is an issue that needs to be seriously considered. From her frequent bouts of coughing to the thick-lensed glasses she used to wear, to her amnesia over handling emails…there’s ample evidence she is sick. Really sick. But a […]

Trump calls for military spending increase

Philadelphia (CNN) – Donald Trump on Wednesday called for eliminating the sequester on defense spending and increasing military spending to boost troop levels and the number of ships and aircraft. Trump said in a speech to the Union League of Philadelphia that he will ask Congress to reverse cuts to defense spending enacted under the 2013 […]