Selecting Defensive Handgun Ammo

Of all the factors that one considers when preparing to defend yourself and loved ones with a firearm, ammunition selection is one that is most immersed in conventional “wisdom”, folklore, and outright falsehoods, and as such is one where most newer gunhands, and more than a few seasoned gunslingers, fall victim to bad info.

SHOT Show Highlights: The Mossberg 590M Shotgun

Mossberg’s big announcement for this year’s SHOT Show was their brand new 590M™ Mag-Fed 12-gauge shotgun.

Burying Your Guns And Other Places To Store Them

Periodically gun laws are reviewed and there are threats that certain guns, or sometimes all guns, can no longer be owned by the citizens of the country! This is often a result of pressure from anti-gun groups or a reaction to an increase in gun violence. However, the reality is that those guns are generally black […]

Gunshot Wound Survival

You’ve spent countless hours on the gun range, preparing to defend yourself or your family should the time come.

AK-47 – The Single Most Important Gun to Own

In the prepping community, there is a lot of debate as to which gun is the most important in your arsenal.

How to Remain Concealed in Various Types of Terrain

Concealment can be a crucial factor as a prepper when SHTF. If there is a major disaster in your area (or country) and you need to bug out, you’ll want to remain concealed while you do so.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Backup Rifle in Your Vehicle

What’s the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun? The answer is simple; a good guy with a gun.

Everyday Carry (EDC) for Kids

Teaching your children to be prepared is a must, but it does not have to be a frightening process.

Defending Your Young

It’s Primal Mothers are never more fierce than when protecting their young. This primal instinct is in all living creatures. The violent fight to the death response is fully acceptable and is the expected response in the animal kingdom when a mother’s young are threatened. In the wild, predators lurk and stalk, waiting to find […]

IWI Announces Tavor Bullpup in 7.62

It wasn’t too long ago that IWI introduced the X95 version of it’s popular bullpup Tavor rifle platform.