5 Skills And Tools For Every Prepper

Who knows what could happen tomorrow? This is the philosophy that most preppers live by. No matter the situation, when danger suddenly appears, a prepper’s heightened organization and awareness will greatly increase their chances of survival. There are roughly 3.7 million preppers in the United States, and each one most likely understands that being a […]

How to Train Your Dog for When SHTF

The family pet can be trained to do a lot of tasks which can make your SHTF survival odds skyrocket. But not every family pet is up to every task you may ask of him or her. Even if Fido is very protective of your children, he is very unlikely to put his life on […]

Emergency Food vs Survival Food

We talk a lot about emergency food but do we ever really define what it is we mean? When it comes to surviving an emergency, our body requires different types of food to meet different types survival needs.

Which Self Defense Weapons You Need?

Self-defense weapons have become a necessity in today’s society where your personal and household self-defense is frequently threatened. If your prime concern is the safety of your loved ones and yourself, do not have second thoughts about being prepared. Just remember -– it is important to have the right self-defense weapon for your particular situation.

Guide To Buying Bulk Ammo

Online purchase of ammunition is gaining more popularity; gun owners can even buy bullets in bulk. While there are some controversial and legal issues surrounding online shopping for firearms and ammunition, there are benefits to buying bulk ammo online.

25 Survival Foods You Forgot to Buy

When it comes to survival foods, there are the staples such as rice and beans and pasta that can be found in almost every bunker. But there’s a whole host of other great survival foods that are often overlooked.

Revolver Vs Semi Auto Which Is Best

Today I want to break down the pros and cons of carrying a revolver vs semi auto to help you make an informed decision on this hotly debated topic.

Water Bath Canning 101

Canning is simply a step after the preparation and cooking of a meal. It’s a method that is able to use heat to store food in a closed glass jar to remove the air from the jar, creating a sealant. There are two main forms of canning: pressure canning and water bath canning. We’ll be […]

6 Ways Famine might consume the U.S.

1. EMP – one nuclear bomb, detonated high in the ionosphere, can ruin your whole decade. Most of the U.S. could be without power for a very long time.

3 Odd Techniques For Primitive Fishing

Fishing has been an extremely valuable food gathering strategy for thousands of years, and when we find ourselves in a survival setting, the fishing skills of our ancestors may be our only option. Consider these three traditional techniques in primitive fishing, and do your homework first to find out if they will work for your […]