What are Earthship Homes?

Earthships are a type of sustainable and environmentally friendly home that is increasing in popularity, especially among those that wish to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

These cool little homes are constructed using natural and recycled materials like rammed earth, recycled cans and old tires, making them a cheaper and more sustainable style of building.

Earthships are also built to generate their own power, harvest water, treat and contain sewage and are heated and cooled without using any kind of fuel.

They’re basically, mini self-contained eco-communities.

These funky little homes can provide you with everything you need to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. From shower water that feeds an indoor garden system to a building style that guarantees your home will always be a comfortable 70 degrees, without ever having to turn on a furnace or air conditioning unit, Earthships are changing the way people construct their homes.

From growing your own food to harvesting rain water, these weird looking homes are changing the way people live.

source: https://offgridsurvival.com