Why Make Your Own Alcohol for Post-SHTF

It’s very important to prepare for both short term and long term emergencies. Especially when preparing for the long term, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough items set aside for both medical and bartering/trading purposes. Both of these things will become extremely important in day-to-day life post-SHTF.

Without stores to turn to for resources, there are two choices. Make do with the stockpile you have or learn to make your own items from available resources. One item to both stockpile and learn to make on your own is alcohol. Even if you don’t drink, alcohol will still be one of the most important items for medicinal and bartering purposes post-SHTF. We’re going to talk about why knowing how to make alcohol is important.

Everyone Knows The Value Of Alcohol

This couldn’t be any more simply put. Alcohol is an item that is either valuable to everybody, or that everybody understands that value of. This reason alone makes alcohol an absolutely valuable commodity that you can use to barter and trade with, and is therefore also a reason that you should stockpile and learn how to make it.

In a post-SHFT world, think of alcohol as being a form of currency similar to painkillers, ammunition or canned food. The more pain people are in, the more valuable painkillers will be. The more security people need, the more valuable ammo will be. The hungrier they are, the more valuable the canned food will be. The same goes for alcohol.

Therefore, you would be very wise to both stock up on and learn how to make your own because it’ll give you additional bargaining power. In a long term SHTF scenario, there will always be something valuable you need but don’t have, and there will likely be someone else you encounter who has it. Bartering some of your alcohol might save your life; it’s for this very reason why we advise you stockpile alcohol and the resources needed to make it even if you don’t drink it.


Morale Booster

There is no denying that during or after a SHTF situation, people won’t be able to handle the reality of what’s happening. They will want to escape it…mentally at least.

People will therefore turn to comfort items such as alcohol, coffee and sweets as a means to temporarily get away from the sadness and depression they feel. Alcohol will be a form of relief and a temporary morale booster for when the world will chaotic, full of distress and misery.

Whether it’s whiskey, wine, beer, or something else, alcohol can temporarily help you to cope with life as long as you don’t abuse it.

Additionally, alcohol is also beneficial for celebrating any special occasions in a post-crisis environment. In tough times such as the ones ahead, every little achievement is going to be worth celebrating.

First Aid Applications

Alcohol for medicinal purposes will be absolutely critical during or after a crisis. Numerous studies have confirmed that when consumed moderately, alcohol decreases your chances of developing heart/cardiovascular disease and stroke.

When home brewed especially, alcohol is full of important anti-oxidants, trace minerals, and Vitamin B. Each of these nutrients are important to the body but will also be difficult to find and consume in the event of an SHTF scenario, which increases the value of alcohol.

Another medical application is that it’s a very good disinfectant. This means that it is very useful for keeping bacteria out of open wounds. In an SHTF scenario, there may not be any doctors available to help, and even if they are, disinfectants will be scarce.

In fact, alcohol has been used successfully for medicinal purposes for several modern SHTF scenarios in this century. For example, during the economic collapse in Argentina and the Balkan Wars, alcohol was often used in place in medical emergencies (such as antiseptics and anesthetics) because it was more available and considerably less expensive.

As a general rule of thumb, any beverage that contains more than 60% alcohol can be used for surgical purposes, while any beverage that contains more than 40% alcohol can be used for basic first aid purposes, to disinfect wounds, or to sterilize weapons and equipment.


Stockpile and learn to make your own alcohol for a SHTF situation to provide yourself with greater negotiating power, increased morale, and additional resources for first aid and medical needs. Alcohol will be hard to get in a SHTF scenario and will become highly valuable. The tools and resources you need to DIY are usually inexpensive and knowing how to make it yourself means you will have a steady supply during and immediately after a disaster.

Generally speaking, all major types of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey, or vodka will work fine for SHTF. Brewing or stockpiling more than just one kind of alcoholic beverage will add flexibility and variety to your skills and your stockpile.

I recommend that you start learning to brew your own beer and wine before moving on to whiskey, vodka, and other spirits, but keep in mind that beer has a pretty short shelf life so it shouldn’t be part of your prepping plans.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start making alcohol in the second part of this series.

source: http://www.survivalsullivan.com/