Bad News – See Who’s Leaving If Hillary Wins

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-19-17-amEvery election cycle we hear people on the left and the right declare their intent to leave the nation if the candidate of their choice doesn’t win.

That means if Trump wins there are going to be a ton of mindless liberals packing their bags and taking their stupid opinions abroad.

And if Hillary wins there are going to be a fair number of conservatives doing the same.

However, what’s really disturbing is thinking about who on our side is going to leave if Hillary wins.

Guaranteed once you see the cartoon below you’re going to be praying a lot harder Trump manages to win…if he doesn’t it could mean ruin for the U.S.



Because another Clinton presidency will yield increasingly higher taxes you’re going to see some of the biggest nations in the world leaving their home in the states for greener pastures.

Why should they stay?

No one wants to pay excessive taxes…especially when they’re being levied by a notable liar with the help of her philandering husband.

Do you blame them for leaving?

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